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10 Simple Spring Centerpiece Ideas for an Impressive Passover Seder

7 Comments 10 April 2011

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Its time to free the creative spirit that has been ignored in the midst of all of our holiday planning. Scrubbing, grating, chopping, boiling (those pots and pans), outfitting, shopping…. can really leave even the most creative Jewish moms to the point of exhaustion. Take it from me, some years I’m lucky just to plop a bunch of tulips from the street corner into a vase just before lighting the holiday candles.
This year will be different!
I’ve searched and clicked all over tons of inspiring websites all around internet town to bring all of my
Jewish Hostesses
10 spring centerpiece ideas for your Seder table. These simple table decor ideas can be transformed into a Passover seder that expresses YOU!
Start planning and gather your materials this week so that your Seder centerpiece wont be a last minute throw-on. Get the kids involved so that you can direct them while you are putting the final touches on your Passover meal.
You can choose to pull out all of your assorted vases and line them up on your table with a simple streamlined color theme of blooms, or you can go out on a limb and create a more intricate design.
Whatever style you choose, just remember that these spring inspired decor ideas adds as much to the memories of the evening as the delicious  meal that you serve your guests.
(image via deutweddings)
1-Silver vases of all sizes capture the glamour of your Passover seder table. Try these fluted vases with a mercury filled base for only $19.99 from  Target , and add your personal touch with the simplest of buds.
2-Looking for a cheap, chic and glamorous DIY project?
Hop on over to for theit tutorial on how to spray paint your extra mason jars
for a vibrant new look on your  Passover seder table.
3-Go through your storage closets and pull out stored wedding gifts that you haven’t used in years.
You’d be surprised at the gorgeous display you can create by lining up assorted bud vases and filling them all
in the same color scheme.
(image via
4-Inspired by the Elizabeth and Anne blog, use assorted jars and containers, buy a rustic burlap, or for a more elegant look find a dressier  metallic or floral fabric, tie with a matching cord or fancy ribbon, and scatter on your seder table.
images via Social Couture and jjdesigns
5-Use fruit cups or glasses, An ice cream dish, a champagne bowl, or a martini glass that are on pedestals , fill with clear or white pepples. You can also find vase filler HERE, top with a single flower or two,  and disperse among your platters.
6-Your guest will really enjoy their four cups of wine while enjoying the view. Make a fruit  topiary using regal grapes as the star of the show.
The timeless Preston Bailey shows you how to do it right here on his blog.
7-Fabric wrapped containers will steal the show. Use vibrant papers and flowers and go beyond the  expected. DIY  instructions HERE.
8-This terra cotta centerpiece tutorial from Real Simple magazine will give a breezy rustic aura to you holiday dinner.
9-Spring is here, and there is no prettier way to show it with an eco-inspired pink and green vegan centepiece .
Check out for their down to earth DIY how-to.
10- I actually saved the prettiest for last!
This unexpected burst of spirited colors will keep your guests family and guests in a cheery mood the whole entire seder! I’ve been having a color obsession with these eye-popping brights. If you are too, then run on over to your local florist and buy:
10 red, white and pink anemones
5 mini daffodils
8 orange, red, and white ranunculus (better if blown open)
Ranunculus greens and buds
English daisies in pink and white (cut from 2 plants)
and click HERE for a simple tutorial.
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