How To Relax While You Are Cooking

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How To Relax While You Are Cooking

No Comments 14 April 2010

Shabbat Shalom
Your Peace of the Week
by: Marissa Anteby

I can’t take all the credit for this week’s topic. The  inspiration for this article, came to me when I was reading the comments posted last week. In it, I described an at home Tension Releasing Massage you can do for yourself. Maggie, wrote in: “Sounds good, have to try this. Today the aroma of fresh baked challah is (finally) my relaxation.”

She touched on something so vital; the act of cooking, lends itself perfectly to taking a moment to inhale slowly and access a place of calm within yourself. To expand upon that theme; really any activity can be utilized as an opportunity to be mindful. Focusing on the task at hand, while simultaneously recognizing what’s going on in your inner world, will cultivate a sense of ease. Checking in with your thoughts and your breathing, can help alleviate stress, both mental and physical. For more information about Mindfulness Training, you can check out a 7-day course I participated in at The Miraval Spa.

Maggie’s comment got me thinking; I wonder what other things Jewish women do to make their cooking time enjoyable. So, I posed the question to my Indoor Cycling students, and here’s their list of suggestions:

• “Make a shopping list, and go to the supermarket early in the day, so you’ll have all the ingredients you need.” – A. Dweck

• De-clutter your work space before you start to cook. For tips on how to de-clutter click here:

• “Playing music helps me relax, and makes me happy to be in the kitchen, even if it is for hours! The music makes the time go by faster.” – Raquel Mishaan

• “When I’m cooking, I like to clean up as I go along, so the pots don’t pile up. I can stay in the kitchen for as long as needed, because I’m working in a clear environment.” – Violet Cohen

• “Don’t rush cooking your food, you’ll taste the love in it afterward.” – Rachelle Esses
Wow, isn’t that beautiful. Rachelle told me her Mom says that. It’s such a lovely motto to live by. It’s good to remind yourself, that the energy you put in to making your family’s meals is transmitted and truly appreciated.

When your hard work in the kitchen is complete (I know your thinking, “That’s never.”) Do something special for yourself. Sit down and read a book (now you’re really laughing.) Ok, I’ll re-phrase, sit down and read a sentence in a book, before you get interrupted, or go for a walk, meet with a friend, etc.

Sarah Haddad Cheney says, “Women deserve time for themselves. Tell everyone to come to the Spa Day this Wednesday April 21, at the new SCC Spa. There will be all kinds of treatments; SkinDeep skin care products and consultations, chemical peels, hair styling by Momotaro NYC, Thai Yoga Massage, and more.”

As always, scroll all the way down to post your comments. I really enjoy reading them, and 1 lucky winner will be chosen from people who comment. The prize is a FREE Thai Yoga Massage from

Shabbat Shalom,

Marissa Anteby is a wife, and a mother of 4 children. Her company hosts holistic exercise classes in Cycling, Pilates, and Yoga, in cities throughout New York and New Jersey. Marissa maintains more than 10 wellness related certifications, including Reiki Massage, and Thai Yoga Massage.

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How was your Day 6 and 7?

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How was your Day 6 and 7?

No Comments 14 April 2010

I’m usually a day behind in sending my Newsletter. Today is actally Day 7!

Wow, already a week! if you had some bumps in road- don’t worry! Everyday is a learning experience. I try hard to send out the answers to your questions as fast as I can. Though I like to fully research the issues properly to give the most accurate answer.

To me, a sugar detox means no white flour, rice or pasta. No artificial sweatners. Extremely limited processed foods such as muffins, bread and pasta. Natural sweeteners used VERY sparingly.
The focus is on whole foods. Foods that are usually in the first isle and last isle at the supermarket.

You may be starting to feel your sugar withdrawals now.  This is when you will be needing your “Detox Buddies” the most!

Let’s talk about these withdrawals.  How and why do they happen? Knowledge is power. This knowledge will help you through your most difficult days.

Here’s the science of it-

(A response to another detoxer who noticed she was getting severe headaches…)

Sugar is highly addictive, just like any other addictive substance, like cocaine, marijuana, caffeine, and tobacco. Your brain is comprised of nerves (neurons) and at the end of those neurons are tiny bulbs called receptors. These receptors take in the chemicals that you intake and that the brain makes. The brain creates appropriate responses to those chemicals. For example, exercising produces endorphins in the brain. As a result, these chemicals cause the person to be more relaxed, happier, and with a lower risk of depression. Different chemicals  cause different changes in the mental and physical state. Here’s a sugar  example-

You eat sugar and the brain recognizes that. Its receptors wake up to receive the sugar. And if there is too much sugar (and too little receptors) the brain won’t let it go to waste! It actually creates new receptors to accommodate all the sugar. Tiny receptors spring up where needed to absorb all the sugar chemicals floating around the brain. So right now, our brains have been accommodating all the sugar that we intake by building all these new receptors.

Here is where headaches and other withdrawal symptoms (like tiredness, nausea, and irritability) come in–
Its a withdrawal symptom. Those receptors in ur brain are used to getting its daily does of sugar. So when you reduce your intake of sugar, after a certain amt of time, the receptors die out. And that’s the pain you are feeling. Its a withdrawal symptom, just like any other addictive substance has. You have built up tolerance to sugar and your brain has become so used to it. So you perceive pain when its not available for the receptors in your brain.
Now that you understand where its coming from- you might need to pop a few advils for a few days to numb the pain but remember—- you only have to go thru this once. Let those receptors die out and never give them enough sugar to rebuild!

If you are having headaches, and other withdrawal symptoms,
eat sugar stabilising foods (like almonds and oatmeal)

To my “Detox Buddies,”
Day 6 and 7 were super. I’m lucky that I’m not going thru these withdrawal symponts this year because I’ve been off high doses of sugar for a while. I did go thru them last April when I did the Detox.
My mind is relaxed, a natural way of eating is setting over me.

Passovers’ meals are behind us- now to get them off my behind! Body is feeling real good, especially since I instructed a Smartbell class. That always does the trick!

Till next time!


Group Movement Lifestyle Enthusiast

Sari Dana
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Bar Cart Roundup

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Bar Cart Roundup

1 Comment 14 April 2010

Last week  I wrote about how to set up your Bar Cart or console for a party…. So many of you emailed me and asked me where you could get a chic bar cart of your own that I put together this roundup for you…. Be sure to stock it with plenty of wine for those fabulous Friday night dinners you like to throw!

Image above, clockwise from top left 1. vintage paul mccobb bar cart $3800,2. polished nickel bar cart $999.91, 3.vintage faux bamboo bar $5500, 4.formosa tray table $49.95 (great for small spaces and small parties

5. Raymond Bar Cart Gold $825 – $975

6. Old Hollywood Bar $875

7. Modern Bar Cart $1300

8. duncan bar cart $700

9. Neu home round serving cart$64.99

10. vintage italian bar cart $2400

Personalize Your Party and Chic Gifts!



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