Sugar Detox with Sari Dana-Day 7!

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Sugar Detox with Sari Dana-Day 7!

5 Comments 08 May 2011


Hello fellow Sugar Detoxers,

Today is formally our 7th day on aiming for a Sugar Free Diet.

As with any addictive substance, withdrawal is a common side effect. Feelings of irritability and headache are amongst the most common for those who are flushing out sugar from their system. Another common side effect can be flu like feelings which can feel like a common cold or feel as sever as needing to be in bed for a few days.

Just when the individual is waiting for that “feel great” feeling which a sugar free diet promises, the withdrawal symptoms kick in.

These side effects usually come upon Sugar Detoxers about a week after starting the plan.
Symptoms usually last between 3-7 days, though can stay with you for up to 2 weeks.
My recommendation for the withdrawal period is to eat extra fruits especially the sweet ones, like watermelon, mango and bananas. You can also incorporate more sweet vegetables like sweet potatoes, steamed carrots and squashes.

Simple Banana Snack

  1. Peel Bananas
  2. Roll in almond butter
  3. Roll in crushed walnuts

Eat and enjoy the benefits of a sweet fruit coupled with satisfying nut protein.
With these fruit and vegetable choices you will keep healthy vitamins and minerals in and keep refined sugar out!
Continues these type of food choice recommendations until your symptoms subside.
To all the wonderful mothers, “Happy Mothers Day!”
Tell your mom about Sari’s Sugar Detox because we all know…

Sari Dana
Health Coach
Fitness Professional

Sari Dana

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