How to Make Fancy Napkin Rings- Cheap and Chic!

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How to Make Fancy Napkin Rings- Cheap and Chic!

4 Comments 14 August 2011

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I have to admit that since the inception of The Jewish Hostess, my Shabbat and holiday tables have slowly evolved  become much more creative. Why? Because of all of YOU- my Jewish Hostess readers. By sending in your own Summery Shabbat and holiday pics, and by telling me how inspired you have become from each other, I’ve brought out the kid in me and made my own arts and crafts napkin ring project.

For about a dollar a piece you can twist and glue these pretty floral napkin rings, and when you get tired of them you can head back out to the craft store and make a brand new bunch! I made about 24 napkin rings for this past Shabbat. They were so pretty on the table if I do say so myself.

Enjoy my Cheap and Chic napkin rings, and send me pics if you decide to make your own homemade version!

1-For a cheap base for your napkin rings buy this rustic wire available HEREin several colors.

You will also need a GLUE GUN, and a WIRE CUTTER.

2- Cut a 12 inch piece of wire at twist about three times to make a thick base to glue stuff onto your your napkin ring.

3. CLICK HERE for my SECRET place to buy cool  pieces to glue on to your napkin ring.

All of these “vase fillers” are perfect add-ons for your brand new instant napkin rings.

I think I bought the entire Pottery Barn  out of their vase fillers. The sales lady must have thought that I was nuts, cause when I like something I can get a little compulsive, and I’m sure that at the end of the day I could have bought a brand new set of Kim Seybert napkin rings for about the same price! (not really- but I’m scared to see my Amex bill this month! Don’t be like me and buy out the whole store! Only buy what you need!!!)

CLICK HERE to buy this nice green moss, which makes a nice base for your shells and artificial hydrangeas.

4- If you live near New York City, go to the flower market and you can find tons of artificial flowers. Click HERE for more Info, but basically its on 28 Street between 6 and 7 Avenue, or you can Google and find a site like THIS for artificial flowers. Beware- not all artificial flowers are the same quality!!!

5- Start glueing! I like these twig potpourri branch items from Pottery Barn- they make a great base for the rest of your creation.

6- Keep glueing!

6- They don’t all have to look alike!

7- Voila!

8- All done!

9- Peel off dried up glue from your fingers….


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Shabbat Shalom! Check out my SUMMERY Shabbat table using these napkin rings HERE!



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My Summery Lavender and Blues Shabbat Table

DIY, kosher recipes, shabbat table settings

My Summery Lavender and Blues Shabbat Table

8 Comments 14 August 2011


First of all, I would like to thank all of my Jewish Hostesses for sending in their beautiful summery Shabbat table pics for our “Summery Shabbat Table Contest”.

I also knew that if I didn’t post my own Summery Shabbat table pics pretty soon then I would probably get officially fired as “The Jewish Hostess” by all of my wonderful readers, so here goes:

I decided to see if I could mix all of the  purple, lavender and blue tabletop items in my house,and see if I could whip up a “Summery Shabbat” table for my family to enjoy.
On Tuesday I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous bouquet of hydrangeas and roses from a friend(by Sheila Bibi Fine Flowers).  The flowers were still so pretty and alive by Friday morning, I decided to separate them and divide them up into short blue juice glasses that I’ve had forever.

I placed them on gold leaf trays that I bought last summer from One Kings Lane.The blue flower candle holders are also from One Kings Lane.

I always find great table top treasures from that site when I don’t have time to shop around in the stores. I placed tea lights in blue glass votive that I found in Pier One imports about 10 years ago.

Atop the mauve laquered dining room table( that one belonged to my parents), I placed three cool tablecloths that were also purchased from One Kings Lane.

(They were originally labeled as towels, so I bought them thinking they were cool as kitchen towels. When they came in HUGE I decided to use them as tablecloths instead of returning them.)

In the center of the table below I placed some flowers atop a gold sprayed mosaic tray that my daughter made in summer camp a couple of years ago.


Note the artwork by Irene Mamiye in the background above.


My homemade napkin rings top off each plain white Pottery Barn Caterer’s plate below. 

 HERE’S HOW to make THESE pretty floral napkin rings yourself.



Purple glass goblets and place mats (above) purchased last summer.
Shabbat Challah cover below purchased in Israel made by children with special needs.

Crate and Barrel buffet platters below:

Colorful glass shot glasses by Surrey Lane in Deal, N.J.

Phew!!!! All done! Shabbat  Shalom!!!

Love, Marlene

 HERE’S HOW to make THESE pretty floral napkin rings yourself.



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