Estee Stern’s Purim Mask DIY and Decadent Fudge Sampler Mishloach Manot

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Estee Stern’s Purim Mask DIY and Decadent Fudge Sampler Mishloach Manot

1 Comment 05 February 2012

Purim 2011 re-post
Attention Hostesses! Save these pics for Purim party inspiration! Perfect fudge ideas for a dessert bar! Enjoy- I can almost smell the chocolate coming through my computer screen…..Marlene
“Hi Marlene! My name is Estee and I love your site! It is so inspiring to see all the wonderful ideas other women come up with using their talents to enhance their yom tov and everyday.
I am attaching a picture of our Mishloach Manos this year. It is a fudge sampler, with Cookies N’ Cream, Mint, Coffee Pecan and Peanut
Butter Fudge along with a chocolate gragger lollipop from our local candy store.
I am also attaching a picture of masks I made for centerpieces for our seudah. I traced a mask shape out of poster board and using a glue gun attached flower petals (from dollar store flowers) to the masks and outlined the eyes with sequins. I found wooden sticks at Walmart and painted them black and attached them to back side of the masks and covered the back in pretty coordinating paper.
Looking forward to some amazing Pesach table inspiration!”
Estee Stern


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