Mother’s Day/Shavuot Yummy Yodel Ice Cream Cake by Gladys Bawabeh

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Mother’s Day/Shavuot Yummy Yodel Ice Cream Cake by Gladys Bawabeh

1 Comment 29 April 2012


 Everybody knows that Gladys Bawabeh is a great baker and cook. Not every recipe has to be so complicated in life,  so when I heard that she made this easy Yodel Cake for her husband Solly’s birthday, I knew that I just had to have the recipe. Save this one for Mother’s Day, and/or Shavuot. Frozen Yodels are not the most fat free dessert, but if I am gonna cheat, then this dessert is gonna be IT! I copied the fun recipe straight from a text by Gladys. Enjoy! Marlene

  • “Freeze  about 4 boxes of Yodels. (depends how big ur bowl is.)
  • Then line inside of a plastic medium size bowl wit tin foil n push it down hard.
  • Take out yodels from freezer n cut them about a half inch thick.
  • Push them down hard in bowl all around so all the tin foil and hole bowl is covered.
  • Freeze for about half hour n let it freeze.
  • Then take out and put one flavor of ice cream of your choice and full bowl half way.
  • On top of that, put sprinkles and then freeze again for another half hour.
  •  Put a diff flavor iceream of your choice all the way to the top of the bowl and freeze again.
  • When ready to serve take out 7 min before and put hot water in a pot and let the Yodel cake bowl sit in it so it warms up.
  • Then take the platter and place the cake down on it ‘n bang it til its loose .
  • When cake comes out pull all the tinfoil off slowly and your Yodel cake will be ready to serve! Gladys.”


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