Another Gorgeous Table! Happy Hanuka by Raquel Habert!

chanuka table settings, hanukka recipes and tablesettings, holiday table settings

Another Gorgeous Table! Happy Hanuka by Raquel Habert!

No Comments 03 November 2012

Raquel Habert has done it again! Not only is Raquel a gourmet caterer, but she sets a gorgeous Hanukka table also!! Check out her Rosh Hashanah table HERE!

Call Raquel to cater your next party!






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Baker’s Alert! Keep Sending Us Pics of Your Hanukka Cakes and Cookies! Check These Out!

hanukka recipes and tablesettings, kosher dessert recipes, kosher recipes

Baker’s Alert! Keep Sending Us Pics of Your Hanukka Cakes and Cookies! Check These Out!

1 Comment 03 November 2012

Whether you spell it Hanukka, Hanuka or Chanuka, holiday memories are kept alive because of the fun that goes into the holiday planning. Help us keep up the inspiration by sharing your pics, ideas, and recipes.  Enjoy this re-post from 201o! 

Send your pics and holiday creative sparks  to

Delectable Cupcakes by Rachel Mamiye Dweck!:

“Happy Chanukah Jewish Hostess!
Attached is a pic of my Chanukah I made for a Chanukah party.”:

From “mwygoda”- thanks for the pic!

Thanks Vicki! Gorgeous Cupcakes!

by Vicki Betesh Hoffstein:


Thanks jenharari for these yummy looking cookies!:

“Hi, I hope I can be entered even though I do this professionally.” Cheryl

YES!!!! Check out Cheryl’s website

by Cheryl Spilzinger

Cookies by Shirley Mamiye:

Check out her baking website HOMEBAKED

by Shirley Mamiye

Dreidel Cake by Esther Chrem:

Check out her delicious website!

Patty Cake by Esther Chrem

PattyCake by Esther Chrem

By Rebecca Willis:

“Thank you! Its basically kosher marshmallows with a pretzle stick in the top, and a Hershey kiss on the bottom.  I used frosting to stick the kiss to the bottom.  Then I just used frosting to write the letters on the side. For the platter in the picture, I only wrote one letter on each driedle so the frosting wouldn’t smear.  This year I am setting it up as an activity for the kids to do themselves, which should be a lot of fun!”

Chanukah Treats by the Willis Family

By Magen David Yeshivah third grade girls:

by Meirah, Sarah, Danielle, Lauren, Rivka, and Judy

Chanuka Menorah cake by Alexis Fallas:

Menorah Cake by Alexis Fallas

“I make these cookies every year for hanukah and they are a big hit! there sugar cookies with rolled fondant and decorated with a frosting.”  Beth Cayre

Chanuka cookies by Beth Cayre

Keep sending in your Hanuka cake and cookie pics to

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My First Chanukah Party by Michelle Dayan

chanuka table settings, holiday table settings

My First Chanukah Party by Michelle Dayan

2 Comments 03 November 2012

Thank you Michelle Dayan for sending in pictures of your first Hanukkah table!  Although its hard to store extra holiday table accessories in a small apartment, you created a gorgeous Hanukkah atmosphere by mixing in some of the decor that you already had, and added in just a couple of extras. Great Job!!!! Marlene

“Dear Marlene,

Here are some pictures from my Chanukkah table. I got inspired from all the amazing pictures you’ve been posting. I wanted to make a statement with my table but I didn’t want to spend a fortune and didn’t want to end up with lots of Chanukkah decorations (I’m in a small Manhattan apartment so I always have to think about where to store things!).

Hanukkah Party Table Ideas

Hanukkah Party  Table

I ended up sticking to a silver and blue theme and using the silver Chilewich runner and placemats that I already owned. I wrapped two empty boxes in blue wrapping paper (which I also had laying around) and topped them off with beautiful silver ribbon from Papyrus. I scattered silver gelt and wooden dreidels over the table. I “invested” in 8 small votives from Crate and Barrel (a dollar-something each), and placed four on either side of the centerpiece. Finally, I found a DIY driedel place card template from Martha Stewart‘s website–they were fun to make and cost practically nothing!”

Hanukkah Party Table Ideas

Hanukkah Party Table card

I also baked sugar cookies with the recipe you posted. I decorated them with blue sugar. The driedel cake I made by baking brownies in a 9 x 13 pyrex, then cutting two diagonal lines at the bottom, and cutting a strip off the top, which I used for the handle. I made a stencil of the letter hey and sprinkled confectioners sugar through it.
Hanukkah Party Sugar Cookie

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