Instant Napkin Ring Glamour by Karen Tawil

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Instant Napkin Ring Glamour by Karen Tawil

No Comments 19 August 2013

Thanks so much Karen Tawil for sharing your Sukkot table decor ideas and inspiration. This simple table setting idea is great for any Jewish Holiday meal or any  special day of the year! Karen shows us all that you don’t have to spend tons of $$$$ to add style and glamour to your holiday table setting!

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“Hey Marlene, I thought you would appreciate ….had no time because G-d forbid I should miss a day of exercise!! After all, not only does my table have to look good but so do I!!!  So ……went to Lana’s fabric store, bought 4 yds of navy sequin ribbon that’s elastic, measured around napkin, cut and glue gun and voila!!!

Done in 20 min……by the way there’s a lot of colors!!  Enjoy, Karen Tawil”


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