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A Kid’s Dream! An Edible Purim Candy Encrusted Maypole by Raquel Dabah

3 Comments 01 March 2015

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enjoy this re-post from the Dabah Purim Party  2012!

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Ok, I’m literally speechless as I post this spectacular Purim fantasy. I’m sure that every kid on the block will wish that Raquel Dabah was their grandma when she unveils this candy encrusted maypole on Purim Day.  This is also a great kid’s party or bridal shower idea. Raquel, you are amazing!!! Thank you for inspiring all of us!  Happy Purim!


P.S. Obviously creativity is all in the family- Raquel’s daughter Joyce is well known for her home decorating talents. Check out her website HERE.

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“Hi Marlene,

Every year on Purim, my mom dresses up, and my dad also wears a matching costume. My mom goes all out and invites everyone on the street to hear the Megillah and later have brunch at her home.  She always creates  a unique intricate theme. This year was the first time she singlehandedly created this maypole. It has stone encrusted ice cream cones, and packages of candy hanging from ribbons held together with baby hair clips, there are cellophane bags for the kids to come in and fill there bags with crunchie bars, marshmallows sour sticks, jellybeans, gumdrops, lollipops and more. She bags her own Hamatashen, sambusak, cheese cake and more.  It’s beautiful and delicious!”

Joyce Silverman


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  1. lynne says:

    Raquel is my grandma and this table does no justice to the amount of work,creativity, and most importantly, love that she includes in all of her holiday preperations. Purim is always fun at my grandma’s house- her costumes make everyone laugh! I wonder what she’ll come out in this year?

  2. carole azizo says:

    Raquel Dabah is a wonderful grandmother indeed. I recall having a conversation with her regarding her Passover preparation and thought she came up with a brilliant way of teaching the laws of passover, passing on family traditions and spending quality time with her precious grandchildren simultaneously. (ahh, the art of multi-tasking!) Rather than dreading her Passover chores, Raquel makes the best of it. Each day she invites over a different grandchild and together they prepare for Passover. One child may bring out all the haggadot, another may help make the haroset, another helps wash the romaine, one might bake a passover dessert or set the table, etc, etc. Since having that conversation with Raquel I made a mental note and hope to do the same when I have a house full of grandchildren!

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