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A Seder Table That Could Split The Sea!

11 Comments 12 March 2012

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Dear Hostesses, Enjoy this seder table designed by two talented sisters for Passover 2011:
I’m so impressed with Alexis and Sarah Mizrahi. You can not put a price upon the creativity and energy that went into this table. Give these girls a round of applause for a job well done, and after Passover please call Alexis and Sarah for all of your gourmet flavored popcorn orders!!!  Marlene
“Hi Marlene,
Our Crazy Corn business was closed for Pesach – so we had a lot of extra time on our hands and wanted to surprise our mother with a beautiful table. We made our own hagadahs out of croc embossed leather we found in the fabric store. We had my father reprint the hagadahs we’ve been using in my family for years and covered them in leather and trimmed them with ornate ribbon and tassles. To top it off we had our names printed on them.
We bought some turquoise fabric, and used it as a tablecloth. We had extra leather and used that as the runner and then added another touch of the turquoise with pleated tulle running down the center – it definitely added to the holiday spirit by giving off the aura of the splitting of the sea. We got 4 tall skinny vases and place them along the tulle. As the centerpiece we put a modern white tall cake plate that we used as the ke’ara (seder plate)
To really tie it all together we found this crazy sequined trimming which we made into napkin rings.
We also found these gorgeous gold croc embossed chargers that took the table over the top.
My mother and all of our guests were wowed and really felt as if they were sitting by a kings table!! We’re thinking about switching our professions! lol
We went around the house and found things that we could put the symbolic foods in to complete the look. We put the celery and salt water in martini glasses, the endives in champagne flutes, bitter herbs in vases and the haroset in dessert cups. The guests found it cute, to be dipping into martini glasses, and pulling endives out of champagne flutes!!
We want everyone to know that its really not hard or expensive to set a table like this. we bought everything from save-a-thon (including the vases $5 each and chargers!!) ok, so the Hagadahs took some time, but everything else was done with ease!!
If this is what we can do to an ordinary table, imagine what we can do with popcorn!?!
email us 4 tips and ideas and of course to order Crazy Corn!
Alexis & Sarah Mizrahi”


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11 Comments so far

  1. Laura says:

    Love This!!!!

    My vote is hear too.

  2. April Abrams says:

    So very very classy. I place my vote here.

  3. Eva says:

    Love it! So creative! You have my vote

  4. Terry says:

    Stunning!! The table is absolutely beautiful. I love the torquoise, it makes you feel like your still in the sea. You girls get my vote!!

  5. Michalle says:

    Love the turquoise! Totally stealing the dipping martini glass idea. So thoughtful of you guys to make the Haggadahs. and to surprise your mother brought it over the top

  6. Robin says:

    WOW!!! So nice!! I wish I could have the time before the Seder to do such a thing!!! Kol HaKavod for doing this and surprising your mother!! The Hagadot are beautiful!!!

  7. Audrey says:

    Gorgeous! Very elegant and creative, I might steal your idea with martini glasses and champagne classes for next year! I also love the tradition with the hagadah. You have my vote for favorite!

  8. Marlene m says:

    So,original,love the hagadas.I might steal your idea next year.You girls really are so talented.

    Good luck,
    Marlene M

  9. “our own hagadahs out of croc embossed leather “…WOW impressive!!!
    Love how you put all the symbolic foods in the different elegant all in all yes you guys deserve a round of applause..really nice job!


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