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An Easy and Elegant Hanukkah Table by Yvette Kassin

0 Comments 24 December 2011

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Yvette! What a gorgeous and elegant table! Its amazing what you created out of some martini glasses, candles, and silver boxes! Happy Hanukka! Marlene

“Hi Marlene, for my Hanukka table this year  I used nine silver gift boxes lined up in a row. The middle box was on a glass cube filled w jeweled beads to give it height for the shamash. On each box I put a blue martini glass filled with water and floated a candle in each one. I scattered silver stars, gelt and dreidles around the table.

Thank you! Yvette Kassin”

Hanukkah Table Ideas

Hanukkah Table Ideas
Hanukkah Table Ideas

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