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An Elegant Seder That Brings Back Memories of Generations Past

4 Comments 20 April 2011

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Thank you Victoria for a look into your symbolic Passover seder! A family holiday is even more special when heirlooms from our grandmothers are used on the table. Extra touches like smoke (you HAVE to tell Jewish Hostess readers how you DID that! You must have picked that up at science fair!)  and frogs must have really added to the authenticity of  how it felt for our ancestors leaving Egypt. Your table  looks beautiful! Marlene

“Hi Marlene,  The cut crystal decanter is my husband’s great grandmother’s Passover wine decanter (hand carried from Ukraine).  The smoke is for the death of the firstborn plague.  Notice there are frogs all over the the matzo cover. Victoria Arnold”


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  1. I love how you used Halloween ideas and incorporated them in to the seder. I would have never made that connection. Way to go!

  2. Victoria Arnold says:

    I used a smoke machine that I bought at Target. They usaully have them around Halloween.


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