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An Exotic Asian Passover Table Setting by Suzanne Sasson and Marcy Tbeile

1 Comment 02 January 2011

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What a gorgeous and original Passover table setting by Suzanne Sasson and Marcy Tbeile of Kitchen Caboodles in Brooklyn, NY! These girls were way ahead of the Passover holiday when they displayed their table setting talents at Table Set Go Fundraiser way back in August, in Deal, New Jersey. Note the hard boiled Passover eggs dyed with Wilton food coloring in water, place cards on an egg written with a gold sharpie pen, water beads filling the vases, bamboo steamers as serving plates, and portable Helen Chen chopsticks. The turquoise color pallet is reminiscent of Egyptian blue Nile water.




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1 comment

  1. Faye Sued says:

    Beautiful. Anything that Marcy & Suzanne set out to do comes out AMAZING.


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