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Baby Jacqueline Mosseri’s Detailed Pink and White Themed Birthday Party

4 Comments 12 March 2012

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Thank you to the Mosseri ladies for sharing your gorgeous “Pretty in Pink” birthday party for your very special granddaughter. You really didn’t miss a single detail, and the  happiness and effort that you put into this table really shines through! I love how the pink and white theme was played up using flowers, your chocolate dipped strawberries, and even the Syrian rosewater pudding “suttlage” was dyed pink!!  Marlene
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“As soon as my granddaughter Jacqueline was born, I knew I wanted to see her name in flowers. Once she was old enough to laugh and smile we knew that she was ready for her party. We planned Jacqueline’s party with a girly and feminine theme in mind. Everything was pink and white, including the tablecloths, flowers and the outfits of many guests. The party was a success because so many people helped including Shirley Barnathan who designed the flowers which fit the pink motif perfectly. Also Fortune Farca designed and created the cake which matched the pink with white polka dot napkins. Jacqueline’s party was exactly how we, my daughters and I, planned it to be.” Jacqueline Mosseri
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  1. Esther Mosseri says:

    Fortune Farca made the cake her number is 347-702-7266

  2. Nadeen says:

    OK…SO I MIGHT be a little biased here, but as the OTHER Gramma, walking into this beautiful luncheon for our gorgeous baby girl, I couldn’t help but get excited, and overwhelmed with emotion. Gramma Jacqueline did NOT miss a detail, The consideration to Mommy Esther’s very delicate, and feminine style was impossible to miss!!!
    It was purely amazing! and well appreciated by all.It goes to show the importance when planning a party for our families, as so many of us do,to stop and take the time to interpret what the style and personality is of whomever the event is being planned for, NOT plan based on our own personal style likes, and dislikes.
    The recipient will receive it with such appreciation knowing that you put thought FOR them, and you will be so much more fulfilled knowing that.

  3. naomi neustadter says:

    Gorgeous! Where did you buy the cake?

    I need a boy cake.

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