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Claudia’s Bento Box Inspired Passover Seder Plate

11 Comments 16 March 2011

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I am inspired by so many people in my life, and Claudia Bildirici is one of them. If you bump into Claudia on the streets of Brooklyn, you may be lucky enough to get a creative tabletop tip from her as she runs off to Deal, New Jersey to bake in her Passover kitchen for 3 days so that she can supply the entire Associated supermarket on Avenue P with her delectable Passover desserts. She also owns her own Kosher Biscotti company and I am still waiting for her to pitch her Lottie’s Biscotti (spelt, pistachio, chocolate flavors to name a few….) to Jet Blue airlines to serve instead of their cardboardy, tasteless biscotti . Her crunchy, thinly sliced biscotti can be bought online, in local stores, and  in Macy’s Cellar, New York City. Claudia- thanks for sharing your Passover creativity with all of us! Marlene

“The bambo storage box  was my inspiration. When I saw it at Amazing Savings, the $2. price  tag was an offer too good to refuse. I decided to fill the bento box with tiny plastic boxes that came 12 in a pack. I put 5 small plastic boxes in the bamboo box to hold the egg,  celery, salt water, charoset.and lamb shank. I also added the wine glass, endive and romaine to complete the individualized seder plates.I boiled the egg with onion skins and parsley leaves. Now that the seders are over, I am lucky to have all of these great storage boxes!

Happy Passover! Claudia “

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11 Comments so far

  1. Sarah says:

    Where did you get the bento boxes?

  2. Linda says:

    This seder table is great… next year in Jerusalem
    (by me!)

  3. Renna says:

    All of the seder tables were so gorgeous, but claudia’s bento boxes were so cool and the hand dyed leaf patterned eggs were just exquisite! She’s got my vote hands down!

  4. ray antoky says:


  5. ray antoky says:


  6. terri says:

    I can’t believe I missed this seder!!!! so creative as always!!!!!!! LUV

  7. I love the box idea with the orchid..great!!! I might steal it for next year! Thnx for sharing!

    Victoria Toussie Arnstein

  8. VERY ORIGANAL!! really cool and WOW on decorating the eggs !!


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