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De-Clutter Your Space

0 Comments 15 March 2010

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Image by Leslie E-B via Flickr

Do you feel like you are swimming in a tidal wave of receipts, buttons, wires, keys, pens and more?

These tips from expert organizer Judith Horowitz will help you raise your head above water.

Button organizer

1- take all of your loose buttons and buy a business card holder in looseleaf or binder format.
Put each button with the tag(if you have it) in its own slot.
Label each page of buttons for each family member and you can also put the purchase date on the tag so you know how long you own the item.

Paper organizer

2. Put all papers that you need to refer to often in clear inserts in a binder and divide into separate sections. (Eg. Lists of phone numbers, school class lists, to do lists, medical forms, bills etc.)

Misc wires and chargers

3. Store each charger or computer wire in clear acrylic boxes labeling what they are. They can be stored in a drawer or a clear box instead of being scattered all over the house.

Contact Judith Horowitz for closet makeover for any room in your home! /

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Heres a slideshow of our favorite  de-clutter books from Amazon:

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