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Dynamic Rabbinic Portraits for Today’s Gorgeous Homes

0 Comments 11 May 2012

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In the past several years, community tastemaker  Joy Mahana’s  large stunning megasized resin, acrylic, and metallic abstracts  have been featured in an array of luxurious homes throughout the country.

Now Joy Mahana has been dazzling the art world with her new collection of portraits that portray a fresh take on a traditional subject.

Joy acknowledges that the past and present coexist in every moment of our daily lives, and has always revered  our great rabbis while pursuing her art career. Her modern collection of 30 rabbinic portraits captures their ever present gaze and personality with vivid colors and lacquered finishes.

“Once I started painting the rabbis, I couldn’t stop. I loved reading about their influence on their communities and impact on Jewish history. I decided to create a series of  paintings that would bring the images of our holy rabbis into our modern homes.”

Acclaimed interior designers  Warren Bond and Nick Calder have featured her rabbinic works in many of their stunning spaces.

“Joy’s “Rabbi’s” Brilliant! In color and subject!… They put me in the mood of Warhol!  I have used them in a show house and also a clients reading area. I find them both serious and tongue in cheek, humorous.” Nick Calder



“I find Joys work romantic as well a powerful use of color and form, full of spirt and heart.” Warren Bohn


Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/pages/Joy-Mahana/424382204247818

CLICK HERE to “LIKE” Joy’s Facebook page and  enter to win a free 16×16 portrait.

Joy’s web site: www.joymahana.com

CLICK HERE to see the entire collection.

Each limited and signed unique edition  is 16″x16″ and is valued at $400. Individually, signed, enhanced and hand colored by the artist.

Pre-order artwork for Father’s Day!

A fabulous addition to a dining or living room  wall! Contact Joy at joy@adjmi.com for more information regarding her artwork.

Scroll down to see more of Joy Mahana’s stunning rabbinic portraits.


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