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Fold Your Linen Napkins in the “Bow” Fold for Your Holiday Table- Plus a great Hostess Gift!

0 Comments 21 September 2011

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There is nothing like a beautifully folded napkin to make your holiday table go from ordinary to EXTRA-ORDNARY! Leave it to Paulina Ashkenazi to not only create the perfect NAPKIN RING, but to also send in the perfect NAPKIN FOLD to go along with it!

Thanks Paulina for this GREAT hostess tip!
P.S. Looking for a great HOSTESS GIFT? Check out Paulina’s FACEBOOK PAGE for the most gorgeous napkin rings EVER!

The Bow Linen Napkin Fold:

  1. Place napkin open on flat surface
  2. Fold napkin in half from top
  3. Fold 1/3 of bottom over toward center
  4. Fold right side of napkin to center
  5. Fold left side of napkin to center to over lap rigth side fold
  6. Cinch napkin in center
  7. Slide napkin ring through one side of napkin and adjust bow.

The napkin ring featured in the bow is a blue Brazilian Agate stone

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