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Get Your Popcorn Toffee Drizzled Mishloach Manot from The Jewish Hostess

1 Comment 23 November 2011

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Dear Hostesses, 
This year I went searching for the yummiest  Mishloach Manot that I could find, and I am proud to present it to all of my Jewish Hostesses!
If you are on my annual friend and family “Mishloach Manot list”, then please read no further because this is the Mishloach Manot that I am going to be delivering to your door on March 8, and I really would like for this to be a crunchy, sweet, chocolatey surprise.
If you don’t think that you might be receiving one of these huge 21 oz tubs of decadent chocolate drizzled toffee popcorn on Purim from the Mamiye family this year, and you’d like to taste, serve, or send this 21 oz. tub of guaranteed fresh, crunchy, mouth watering chocolate toffee drizzled popcorn with your choice of chocolate dipped pretzel attached, then just click the Paypal button below.
I personally guarantee the deliciousness, freshness, and crunchiness of this Purim treat.
$39.99 each delivered anywhere in the U.S.A.
Please email me at marlene (at) thejewishhostess.com if you need more info, have multiple shipping addresses, or would like me to take a phone order. 
Happy Purim! Marlene
p.s. I’m so happy that I am done with this post- I can’t wait to rip open that tub of popcorn and start crunching away!

Mishloach Manot- Free Gift Card- Add Your Personalized Message!

Dark Chocolate Pretzel dipped into Mini M&Ms and Chocolate Brownie Chunks!


Caramel Toffee Crunch Dipped Pretzel


Chocolate Toffee Drizzled Popcorn Tub
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1 comment

  1. Junie B says:

    WoW! this looks delicious… amazing idea!

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