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Introducing- A Menu Makeover with Soy Vay Preservative Free Sauces and Marinades

2 Comments 26 February 2013

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soy-vay-sauces, The Jewish Hostess


Dear Hostesesses,

Let me  introduce you to  Soy Vay- a preservative free marinade that packs a lot of flavor punch while making sure your not sweating over the hot stovetop.   Why is the buzz surrounding Soy Vay growing by  leaps and bounds?

1- Every Jewish housewife loves a good story, and Soy Vay has a great one! Way back in the 80’s, a Jewish guy and a Chinese girl got together to share their love of food and cooking, and kaboom! A kosher, Asian inspired marinade was born, and became an instant success at local markets and fairs. Kudos to this entrepreneurial duo! Now, the famous kosher 5 Soy Vay marinades and sauces are showcased on supermarket shelves across the country.


2- Soy Vay is preservative free. Meaning that there are NO yucky sulfites (used to prevent browning in foods), BHA/BHT additives (preserves fats and oils), and Sodium Benzoate (prevents fermentation in fruit juices) additives included which causes some children to become more hyperactive and distractible than usual among some other not so yummy side effects. (If you really want to know more about some of the un-plus effects of preservatives click HERE.)

3-  I’ve been experimenting with the different varieties of Soy Vay for some of my Shabbat, Barbeque, and weeknight meals. My married daughters have been asking me for my new recipes, my teenage son’s friends moms have texted me for the secret ingredient in my roast, and I’ve noticed that I haven’t had have  Shabbat leftovers “LEFT OVER”  for  our last minute warmup Sunday night dinners anymore!

The 5 Soy Vay marinades are all you ever need for a stress free marinade and flavor menu-makeover. Teriyaki, Toasted Sesame, Hoisin Garlic, Wasabi Teriyaki, and Island Teriyaki will not disappoint you!

Click HERE  to check out this Grilled Asian Slider recipe made with Soy Vay Hoisin sauce.

Check out Soy Vay’s BRAND NEW WEBSITE!


The Jewish Hostess,Turkey Burger

*Disclosure: I am a Soy Vay® Ambassador and Soy Vay® products were provided to me by Soy Vay®.

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  1. Hindy says:

    I haven’t bought their products in a long time. Will have to try again soon!

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