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Keeping Recipes in the Family

4 Comments 08 May 2010

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As I watch my daughters grow and get married and have homes of their own,I would like to be sure that I can pass to them the wonderful and valuable recipes and tips that I received from the generations before me.
Personally,it has been a challenge to try and get a complete list of ingredients or the proper measurements from my grandmother who makes every dish to perfection,and when asked, just answers “put a glass of this or a pinch of that”. I attempt to follow but it never does come out correctly.

A few years ago,I took it upon myself to spend countless hours with my grandmother observing writing and measuring her handfuls dashes and pours.each recipe was lovingly explained and every simmering pot carefully tended to.This is when I realized that,as we all sat around her table enjoying her labours, she was smiling.This is her gift.I took those pages,each entry a gem,threw in some sentimental anecdotes,and went to Staples.I had them copied and bound into a book and now every women in the family owns one.we have even had many non relatives request one.

Hopefully,in years to come, these recipes will make their way onto the table of my great great grandchildren and it will taste the same as it did today.
The first step is getting a notebook,asking opinions and interviewing to find out family favorites.from there you will see the project will take on a life of its own. It can be done simply,handwritten or typed,children can contribute with their artwork, or much more elaborate books can be made.
With all the technology today it is possible to have your family cookbook published for a small expense.The companies offer a free packet to get you started and they make it so simple and the product is so beautiful.
Some suggestions: – My favorite site for creating a cookbook. Combine your own family recipes with famous top rated  online recipes. Create  gorgeous books easily.
Go online, check it out and
Begin your first steps on a delicious jouney!

Lily Tawil

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  1. Jill Dushey says:

    awesome idea! I’m definitely going to try to create a cookbook using my mother’s and grandmother’s recipes.
    My husband’s grandmother loves to teach how to cook. She taught me how to make Bastel (meat sambousak). I learned something while bonding with her.

  2. AC says:

    I commend you on taking the time to watch your grandmother in action. In todays fast paced world many of us don’t take the time to enrich ourselves with the knowledge of our more mature family members. Making the cookbook was a great idea to preserve your families unique recipies. I am sure future generations will enjoy both the recipies and the thought that you put into it.

  3. MJD says:

    what a smart idea to keep the family secrets going!!

  4. mt says:

    i wish i thought of this before mothers day! what a great idea!

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