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Passover Weeknight Skillet Chicken and Potatoes

0 Comments 02 January 2011

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Weeknight Skillet Chicken and Potatoes

I love bumping in to friends in the supermarkets because I get to finish up my holiday shopping, catch up with all the latest happenings, PLUS grab a great new Passover holiday recipe to two. Thanks, Marnie! 

“Hi Marlene!
Was great to see you earlier in Kosher Corner (otherwise known as my 2nd home…)
Here’s that recipe I was telling you about-sort of a “Weeknight Skillet Chicken & Potatoes”

  • 2-3 large russet potatoes
  • 4-6 boneless skinless chicken cutlets, butterflied

(quantities depend on amount desired)

  1. Take chicken & place in a bowl w/ 3 beaten eggs. Generously season egg w/ coarse salt, fine blk pepper, granulated garlic & some paprika
    Let chicken sit in egg for at least 20 mins or even overnight.
  2. Peel potatoes & slice super-thin (I use a mandolin I have especially for the holiday-from Kitchen Caboodles, its an Oxo handheld-an EXCELLENT $12 investment!!) Soak potatoes in cold water.
  3. Take the largest size non-stick frying pan you have-at least a 12″ or 14″.
  4. On med-high flame, place some extra light olive oil to just coat bottom, then start layering potatoes in concentric circles til entire pan is covered.
  5. When you see the potatoes start to get translucent & the edges get some color, start placing chicken cutlets to cover entire layer of potatoes.
  6. Then repeat with another layer of potatoes in concentric circles until all of the chicken is covered.
  7. Sprinkle top layer of potatoes with some coarse salt. After approx 7-10 mins, you can flip to cook top layer. BE CAREFUL! Either invert a plate & slide it back in or you can flip w/ a wide spatula. The bottom layer will be cooked together so it should not come apart.
  8. Cook on this side another 7-10 mins. The longer on the fire, the crispier the potatoes will be.
    If your frying pan does not have a soft handle, you can even finish in a hot oven or under the broiler for a few minutes-just make sure you know the temperature limits of your cookware.
  9. I serve this on a large round platter & slice it “pie” style. The kids LOVE it & serve with a fresh side salad (with my creamy garlic dressing of course!)

Enjoy & wishing you a beautiful holiday!

Marnie Levy”

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