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Pinkalicious Little Girl’s Birthday Bash Birthday Party and Dessert Bar Designed by Sheila Gindi

0 Comments 03 June 2012

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Don’t miss this gorgeous little girl’s birthday party designed by the famous Sheila Gindi.

Enjoy the pink cutout sandwiches and custom colored desserts!

Email Sheila for your next bridal shower or party!

“Hi Marlene,

  • I made the cupcakes with pink frosting and a cherry on top just like the ones in the Pinkalicious story book.
  • For the cake pops I used a mold to make the cupcake shapes and then dipped into the chocolate.For the tuna and cream cheese sandwiches I ordered the pink bread from a local bakery and cut into shapes.
  • I made my regular samboosak recipe and added pink gel food coloring.
  • The kids loved having all the pretty shapes and the pink food.
  • I also had pink buttered noodles which was not photographed because it wiped out too fast !”
Sheila Gindi

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