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Prepare For Your Sugar Detox Today!

21 Comments 01 April 2011

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Hello Sugar Detoxers!

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Can you go a day…. a week ….. or how about a month without eating sugar?

I did it and so can you!

As the Passover holidays culminate, we, as Jewish women are ready to give back to ourselves by focusing in on what our bodies need right now. So, if you have been thinking about making an empowering life changing event to improve your health and well being- then this “30 Day Sugar Detox Challenge” is for you.  Join me with hundreds of women to take control of their bodies, this Monday May 2, 2011  as we will begin our “30 Day Sugar Detox Challenge.”

Americans are faced with all kinds of addictions- and sugar is at the top of the list. The worst part about it, is that sugar is an addiction that usually begins as a child and can last a life time.

Through that time period, the sugar consumers are faced with  the #1 health challenge -which is to simply stop eating sugar!
I know the Jewish women WANT to rid sugar from there lives, but not everyone has the courage to do so.
Here is a little help to kick this habit- who knows- it might even be for good!
Monday May 2, is our start date to kick the Sugar Addiction for a 30 Day Sugar Detox Challenge.


Sunday May 1st (my birthday) is preparation day.

This is the day to tell all your friends and family. Everyone can be included!
Proper planning is the key to success.
So let’s begin:
#1. You will need a Sugar Detox Buddy.
This is the person who you will speak or e mail  on daily basis, for support, questions or just to help you through a hard day.
#2. Go over your pantry and start reading ingredients. If the ingredients are:
Sugar, High fructose corn syrup,  brown sugar, cystallized sugar, fructose, maltose, sorbitol,evaporated cane juice,syrups, xylotol or anything ending in “ose”- than that food  is not for you!
There are many names for sugar- if your not sure- simply google it- ask your support buddy- or ask me!
#3. Be aware for hidden sugars as in; mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressings, sauces, corn flake crumbs,marinades and fat free foods.
These foods almost always are filled with sugar.
#4. Alternative sweetness to use:

  1. Stevia – zero calories(make sure its 100% Stevia)
  2. Agave (60 cal per teaspoon)
  3. Raw Honey-(More Medicinal)

#5.  If there are certain  foods that  are a temptation to you (like home baked chocolate chip cookies are for me) throw it in the garbage…give it to your house keeper…sell it on ebay…….just get it out of your house!
Most Important Tip:
#6 Mentally prepare yourself. If you want to succeed-you need to believe that you can do this!
Remember: “The most important things said- are the things you say to yourself”

More information is coming…

Live Your Life Happy
AND Healthy!

Saris 30 Day Sugar Detox Challenge.

Sari Dana
Health Coach
Fitness Proffesional

Sari Dana

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Your Comments

21 Comments so far

  1. Lesley says:

    no mayo? seriously?

  2. caroline says:

    Is Carob considered sugar since it is natural?

  3. Gitti says:

    Was skeptical @ first, but I’ll try, I’m always up for a challenge. Even if I don’t succeed 100%, all I’ve got to lose is weight & I don’t need to lose so much of that so I’ll be happy if I just cut some sugar from my diet.

  4. Crazy Corn Girls! says:

    I am totally in! can’t wait to start!
    thanks sari!

  5. Jane says:

    i would like to give it a try
    thanks, jane

  6. saridana says:

    to all those who commented today-thank you! i get so motivated to continue my pursuit in a sugar free lifestyle when i know you are interested- please keep it up! happy birthday Loren!

  7. pam says:

    Okay! let’s give it a try! it’s only 30 days~

    • EmRouzt says:

      I’m eating petrty well when I am on my own but once my kids come home and I make a meal for them, I can’t stick with it. Even if the food is nutritious brown rice, steamed veggies and chicken breast, I tend to overeat. It only happens at dinner time. So I’m just stuck at the weight I’m at even though I go to the gym 5 times a week doing two cardios every other day and weight train three times a wk. I know it’s the eating holding me back. So I’m going to use your analogy.

  8. Loren says:

    This is perfect timing for me and something I’ve always wanted to try and do! Thank you so much. I can’t wait! Tomorrow was my d day to get back to the gym and start eating healthy. Now I have help!

  9. This is always a good way to live. I am in!

  10. sheryl says:

    im ready please help me! lets do this

  11. Suzie says:

    This is a great way to prep for summer!

  12. Caroline says:

    Im so excited, I have been wanting to do this for a while! Looking forward to it!

  13. Barbara says:

    Let’s do it!

  14. Linda says:

    looking forward to it!!!!!! can’t wait

  15. saridana says:

    hi freda, yes! we can have fruit- fruit is a natural sugar and it is bound by fiber and loads of healthy good stuff for us- it metabolizes much slower in our body then refined sugar which then keeps our blood sugar levels in check- read everyday for more info!

  16. saridana says:

    hi jacqueline, we start tommoro, may 2- i will be posting all the info you need to stay on track- but basically we eleminate any food that even has a trace of sugar in it, we can eat ALL natural and unprocessed foods!

  17. saridana says:

    great laura! a great start is being so positive- keep it up! sari

  18. Laura says:

    I will attempt this and give it 110% Laura

  19. jacqueline says:

    When do we start
    What can and can’t we eat

  20. freda kassin says:

    can we have fruit?

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