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Stay Cool with a Lemon/Ginger Spritzer

1 Comment 26 June 2010

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Stay Cool with a Lemon/Ginger Spritzer
by: Marissa Anteby

Ahh, summer’s in full swing. With all your seasonal outdoor activities, make sure to play it safe and take care of yourself so you don’t get overheated. Here are some general tips to keep cool and prevent de-hydration in the hot weather:

  • Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.
  • Take rest breaks, sitting down and relaxing on days that are hotter than usual.
  • Avoid strenuous activities between 12pm and 2pm, the hottest part of the day.
  • Avoid alcohol, and stimulants not recommended for consumption in the heat.
  • Be on the look out for early signs of dizziness, cramps, clammy skin, and extreme weakness.
  • If you are particularly sensitive to heat and humidity, try exercising indoors in an air-conditioned environment on extremely hot or humid days.
  • Consider exercising for shorter bouts throughout the day, instead of one big workout.
  • Sip water throughout the day, especially before, during, and after exercise.

Reviving your zapped energy on hot summer days is a breeze with a tall drink of lemon/ginger infused water. It’s sure to quench your thirst and give you an at-home spa feeling.

Follow the recipe below to stay hydrated. Being out in the sun causes fluid loss through perspiration faster than you realize. It’s important to drink plenty of liquids in order to maintain your body’s proper balance of saturation.
Lemon/Ginger Refresher

1/4 cucumber, sliced thin

1 lemon, sliced thin

6 sprigs of fresh mint

1 tsp. grated ginger (this aids digestion)
2 quarts iced water

Place cucumber slices, lemon slices, mint sprigs, and grated ginger in a pitcher. Fill with the iced water.

Store in the refrigerator or pour in to 8oz. water bottles and take this instant refresher with you to go!


Marissa Anteby is a wife, and a mother of 4 children. Her company hosts holistic exercise classes in Cycling, Pilates, and Yoga, in cities throughout New York and New Jersey. Marissa maintains more than 10 wellness related certifications, including Reiki Massage, and Thai Yoga Massage.

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