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Sugar Detox- Day 18!

2 Comments 19 May 2011

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Hello Sugar Detoxers!

How are you doing? Today is Day 18 on our Sugar Detox. Is it getting hard for you to keep up this regimen of eliminating refined sugars? I’m sure that it is! It’s so unfortunate for us that the USDA named sugar as the number 1 food additive. It’s added to pizza, hot dogs, boxed rice, soup, crackers, flavored yogurts… We simply cannot get away from the substance that literally destroys lives. I know that is a bold statement to make- but it is a fact that becomes more clear as time passes. Newspapers and magazines   are making headlines on articles about sugar.  If we all know how bad sugar is for our health, don’t  you think that the American government would know this also? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the government put a ban on sodas and soft drinks. I know I am sounding idealistic and unrealistic, but before any reality there is always a dream. So lets keep dreaming!  How wonderful would it be if we no longer have to witness our children downing a can of Coke? It breaks my heart to know that going to a children’s birthday party means coming home with a candy bag that can basically feed the whole block.

As many times as we discuss the negative effects of sugar I can’t stress enough that this is real. This is an epidemic that is affecting America, yet we still allow it in our homes.

Let’s do an awareness experiment. Go into your food pantry and see how many items have sugar or white flour in the ingredients. It’s mind boggling how we bring this drug into our homes and actually serve it as food. My suggestion is to fill the fridge with the best high quality fruits and vegetables. Always have a platter cut and ready to eat, so when you or a family member is ready to munch- its there for you -ready to eat!

I know Sugar Detox is pushing the comfort level for many people. Honestly- its asking a lot from me! We are surrounded by sugar laden foods almost everyday  and are constantly troubled with trying to stay away from sugar.

Let’s create power in numbers! Let’s make a deal- if you stay away from all your sugar favorites, then I’ll stay away from my favorites! Let’s make this coming week, the best week that we can. If you cave in- don’t worry! Just get back on track right now. Eat whole foods and I know you will feel great, look awesome and help your health and wellness in its most natural way.

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Sari Dana
Health Coach
Fitness Professional

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  1. saridana says:

    Thanks Vicky, i love your comment. i know many people believe that ridding sugar from ones diet means giving up fruits and vegetables. it is actually the opposite. To reduce sugar cravings enjoy and reap the benefits from all that nature has to offer us!

  2. I would have to say it is achievable to witness the detox of sugar and be free of it’s bondage that has enslaved us for so long. I think if you are going to get rid of sugar,be careful not to substitute it for fats.It is a good idea to eat loads of fresh fruit that are ripe and in season and huge salads and veggies to fill up on. The more fruit you eat the less of something bad. People generally binge on junk if they are under- carbed and under the 3000 calorie deficit. All calories are not created equally. Fruits and veggies provide the most nutrients and simple sugars and fiber and water than any other foods on the planet. Get more of them inside of you to nourish and fuel you. Fruits play a huge role in mine and my family’s life. Don’t take my word for it, just check out my husband Michael Arnstein’s videos and website called The Fruitarian and see the results that speak for themselves. It is not impossible. Addiction to sugar is not our fault.When we don[‘t get enough sweet fruits and hydration we simply over eat on the junk. It has been proven time and time again. Make fruits and veggies the main course and if you are still hungry after eating a half of a large watermelon, then go ahead and eat that cotton candy or chocolate bar, hahah, I dare you..You won’t want to trust me.
    Have a fruity day!
    Vicky Toussie Arnstein

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