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Susan’s Modern Glass and Floral Passover Seder Plate

8 Comments 14 March 2013

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Susan Menash happens to be another favorite person in my life. Her talent is knows no bounds- just check out her  photography website HERE and you will know what I mean. I especially love the pictures of the seniors on her site as there are so many great stories waiting to be told…..

I love her seder plate creation from 2011 as it teaches us that a little imagination goes a long way….

Enjoy! Marlene

“Hi Marlene,

I used 2 rectangular vases from Crate and Barrel but you can choose to use up to a dozen small vases as your base. I had a piece of glass made up  24 inches by 12 inches. (You can use any clear tray or any thick piece of glass ) I filled my vases up with water, orchids, (last longer in water) and topped with my glass seder tray.

I was thinking of putting red or blue tropical fish to symbolize the parting of the Red Sea sea  but I didn’t want to be stuck with the live fish after the seder.

Now that I think of it, I should have given the fish away as Afikoman gifts for my grandchildren.

Susan Menash”


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  3. Riv says:

    So pretty!

  4. Linda says:

    Great idea and it came out beautiful!

  5. Michalle says:

    You had the greatest idea to make this a splitting of the sea art. You inspired me! Gorgeous!

    Love the purple orchids.


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