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Berta’s Award Winning Movie Themed Bridal Shower

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Berta’s Award Winning Movie Themed Bridal Shower

No Comments 02 December 2012

 Thank you Berta Naftali for sharing your very special bridal shower with us! I love the movie theatre theme, and how you coordinated the desserts, flowers and candies.

Little details like how you flipped over your white lucite trays to add height and a more modern touch makes all the difference. Using your glass table without a cloth is also another great look. Red, black and white are a classic big hit color combo. Your bridal shower truly wins an Academy Award!


“Hi Marlene,
These are some pictures of my movie themed bridal shower.To start, we gave out mini popcorn buckets for our invitation.We had a candy table to mimic the consession stands at the movie theater. There were raisenets, Milk Duds, Dots, Mike ‘n Ike, Twizzlers,  Crunch a Bunch ; all the candys you buy at the theaters.

The desserts were made by Mari Gindi.

My center peice cake, was made by my sister in laws. All desserts were made around the theme and the colors black white and red. My mother and I really worked hard to put it all together!!”

Berta Naftali





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