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No Cost Instant Calm #3

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No Cost Instant Calm #3

No Comments 20 March 2010

A freebie. No cost instant calm.

Excerpts from the soon to be published  The Calm Book , by Tzirelchana,mom and writer devoted to promoting world calmness.

Where ever you are, you can always breath, not unconscious automatic oxygen inhalation, but real breathing. A cleansing breath, a yogic breath which studies say can even lower blood pressure.

Today, I was out racing around  town in a mad dash to collect the endless jigsaw puzzle of stuff that my family seems to require to get to this holiday. I started out energized, excited. Shopping does turn me on, but at some point in the spree, I could feel my mind, my heart and ever other part of me were in overdrive.

When I finally over a fast food lunch with the kids (yes, I know that  fast food isn’t exactly tofu and herbal tea, but the kids were starved and I aint perfect) I closed my eyes and treated myself to a couple of good deep breaths whispering my favorite mantra.

‘Breathe in Hashem… Breathe out fear… Breathe in Hashem… Breathe out fear”

I did this and over for two or three minutes until I could feel the calm pouring into me from some mysterious relaxation center hidden deep inside my brain.

Instant calm. Instantly accessible. No cost.

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