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Eco-Chic Kitchen Decor- A Teacup Planter

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Eco-Chic Kitchen Decor- A Teacup Planter

1 Comment 26 April 2010

Mother’s Day Gift Idea:

by Renee Safdiah

Eco-Chic Teacup Planter-

Who would have thought that a teacup would make the perfect receptacle for a tiny plant?

The plant can be green or flowering –  just as long as it is very, very small.

Whether you choose to create this mini treasure with a child’s help or on your own – it will undoubtedly be appreciated by its recipient.

Here is the “How To” for this easy and beautifully affordable Mother’s Day gift:

1.) Find a beautiful teacup and saucer. Search your cupboard, discount stores, ebay, flea markets, garage sales, etc……

2.) Purchase a tiny plant and some potting soil from your local nursery or home center.

3.) Fill the bottom third of the teacup with soil.

4.) Remove the plant from its container and place in the teacup.

5.) Top the plant with soil and press down firmly, filling the teacup.

6.) Water lightly and slowly, till all of the soil is damp.

***There is no drainage in the teacup, so you must water sparingly. If there is too much water, tip the cup to drain out the excess.

6.) Give to a special Mom or keep for yourself!

Happy Mother’s Day

Renne Safdiah is a mom entrepeneur. She currently owns a line of children’s hats entitled Saturday Knit Fever.

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