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Spring Centerpieces

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Spring Centerpieces

1 Comment 04 April 2010

With Spring finally in full bloom, it’s time to take advantage of springs flowers to create floral centerpieces of all shapes and sizes that will take your breath away.

Some tips on creating a gorgeous arrangement:

1. Your arrangement doesn’t have to be big. Small arrangements in multiples is a sweet and sophisticated look. Its also easier to serve with these small arrangements because the hight of a large arrangement wont block anyone’s view!

2. All the florists use scotch tape to make a grid over the top of the vase to help hold up the flowers. This allows you to arrange large bouquets more easily because the flowers will stay where you put them!

3. Arrangements that are all one color or flower are easy to put together and look very chic.

4. Forgo the flowers! Leaves and greenery can make for a gorgeous arrangement. They can be arranged to be very large and dramatic.

5. Look for vases in strange places… Your vase doesn’t have to be a vase! You can use colorful glasses, pretty teacups, and even little bowls to arrange your flowers. Your guests wont think that you didnt have vases, but rather, how creative you are!

6. Forgo the roses… While roses are always gorgeous, they are a little expected. Instead try Lavender, Hyacinth, Cherry Blossoms or Peonies.

As always, have fun! Get your kids involved by letting them help, and you are sure to create something magical!

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    How to Create Your Own Elegant Seder Centerpiece

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    How to Create Your Own Elegant Seder Centerpiece

    1 Comment 21 March 2010

    By Claudia Bildirici

    Its so easy to craft your own centerpiece for the holidays. Your guests will think you hired a florist!

    During theseder,  I like to have the seder plate set upon a bowl with floating flowers, so it can be revealed when  the eldest girl removes the seder plate from the table, (a yearly tradition).

    Follow these simple instructions- please let me know if you have any questions! Just post a comment below!


    -a round oasis ring at any flower shop 12″

    -one bunch green roses

    -1 bunch daisys

    -1 bunch of any pretty green filler


    -flowers – $18.00

    -oasis ring -2 for $12.00


    -Soak the oasis for a couple of hours using a large tin

    -Trim the roses and daisys leaving only about one inch of stem

    Now this is the fun part!

    -Just stick the flowers in any order you want.

    -I placed the rose one by one  to cover the oasis, then  I placed the daisies.

    -Before I knew it the whole thing was full and gorgeous!

    -I tried not to place flowers on the inside of the oasis …Knowing I was placing a bowl in the center

    -Place a bowl in the middle of the ring.

    -Fill the bowl with a little water and float flowers in the bowl.

    -You are now going to top this with the seder plate.

    When you remove the seder plate from the table you still have a  gorgeous centerpiece on your table!

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