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Who Wants to Win a Fabulous Ice Pop Signed Giclee Print Worth $75???

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Who Wants to Win a Fabulous Ice Pop Signed Giclee Print Worth $75???

17 Comments 24 July 2011

Win a Fabulous Limited Edition Summer Ice Pop Print!!!!

When I stumbled across Joel Penkman’s  artwork, I really wanted to eat it right off of the screen. I wrote to this talented artist (who happens to live in the UK) and asked if she would offer one of his prints to our Jewish Hostesses and she immediately said YES!!! (Joel is a girl)

Win  1 of Joel’s 10 artist’s proofs that are not, and will never be for sale anywhere else. Signed, dated and  with a certificate of authenticity from artist Joel Penkman.
This print is unframed,11.8″ x 15.7″.
This print of‘”Fabs’ is an original painting by Joël Penkman. The original artwork was painted in egg tempera on a gesso board.
“Hi Marlene,
Here’s something about me:
I love food, and I love to paint, so combining the two seemed like a good idea. 
My compositions are simple still-life studies with plain backgrounds to make easier for individuals to make their own connection to the artworks. Because food triggers memories and emotion, people will often tell me a story about themselves and a depicted food. I like that people can bring something of themselves to the artworks.
My favourite medium is egg tempera. It is very time consuming as I make the gesso to prepare my boards and grind my own paint to mix. But the results are worth it.
I was born and raised in New Zealand. After finishing my degree in Fine Arts I moved to the UK where I have worked for the last seven years in some of 
Manchester’s most regarding design agencies. This year I decided to branch out and more seriously pursue a career in the fine arts.
I hope my pictures will make people smile... Joel.”

1- CLICK HERE to SUBSCRIBE (the winner must be on our subscribe list).

2- Comment below and tell us where you would put your  limited and signed authentic gicle’e print 11.8″ x 15.7″.

3- Check out  Joel’s Etsy page HEREfor more of her “edible” prints!

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