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How to Fold Your Linen Napkins The Elegant X Fold Way

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How to Fold Your Linen Napkins The Elegant X Fold Way

No Comments 24 May 2012

Fancy napkin folding techniques sometimes appear much more difficult than when you actually try to do them yourself, so when using a linen cloth napkin its always a beautiful touch when you dig up some easy napkin folding ideas for your Shabbat and holiday table decor. I don’t think that there is any specific “proper” napkin fold. Just go with whatever mood you are in at the moment. You can just slide your napkin ring into your prettiest linen napkin or try this napkin folding technique inspired by David Stark’s Napkins with a Twist: Fabulous Folds with Flair for Every Occasion. When I set up my Romantic Red Shabbat  Dinner Table  for a charity event, I had a great sense of accomplishment when all of the folds and flips actually turned into a gorgeous base for a dinner plate.

Because this napkin fold leaves a wonderful space in the center, you can place a bud vase, a birthday or Hanukkah gift, a  place card , a personalized cookie or cupcake….. use your infinite imagination and please snap a photo and send it to  The Jewish Hostess to share with all of us! Marlene

Step 1- Lay the napkin open in a square and fold each corner to the center.

Step 2-Flip the napkin over and fold each corner to the center point.

Step 3- Flip the square over using one firm hand below and placing one firm hand above to clamp and keep the napkin from opening.

Step 4- Fold each corner to the center point once again.

Step 5- Flip the napkin over.

Step 6- Gently pull out center of each quadrant towards the outer edge to create each leg of the “X”.

Step 7- Here are 2 of the 4 quadrants that are open.

Pulling open the third quadrant….

Step 8- All done!

Play around with different placements atop your napkin fold….

A sterling box, or holiday gift is spectacular here.

Check out my Shabbat table using this beautiful napkin folding design HERE.


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