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Nautical -N- Nice!

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Nautical -N- Nice!

2 Comments 04 June 2010

Oh how I wish I had a beach house….

Why? Summer whites. Crisp linens. Driftwood. Wicker. Need I go on?

Nautical goodies are at the top of my list… Something about the navy blue and the rope just makes me reach for my credit card!

Here are the things at the top of my list right now:

1. Rope Mirror $125

2. Swan Dive Cocktail Napkin $10

3. Grand Ship Pillow $98

4.Blue Coral Sculpture $225

5. Peacock Cotton Herringbone Throw $225

6. Super Absorbant Towel $74

7. Navy Knot Rope Doorstop $45

8. Rope Magnifying Glass $50

I’m the most in love with #2, #5 and #7!

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