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How to Have A Clutter-Free Summer

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How to Have A Clutter-Free Summer

No Comments 28 July 2010

Hello summer!

By Marie Torgueman

Summer is here!  All of our summer wares have emerged from a long hibernation. Summer clothes, bathing suits, sandals, sunhats, beach towels, beach bags, suntan lotion, outdoor toys, and more!

Summer is an easy season but, unfortunately, finding a place for all of our summer things is not. If you’re home for the summer, you probably tried to squeeze your summer clothing in closets shared with winter clothing. If you’re away for the summer, your space may be smaller and it may have been harder to find a place for everything. Some of us may have brought too much to begin with and struggled to put everything away.

Being neat and organized and using the right storage items can help you find a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

Take a look at these storage ideas that will keep everything organized and accessible.

Wishing you a fun and organized summer!!

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Closet Doubler – Provides double hanging in an instant! $10.00

Handbag Hanger – Hangs your handbags vertically to save space. $10.00

Clear Stackable Shoe Drawers – Protects and stacks shoes with easy access and visibility. $7-$10

Stackable Baskets – Stores anything from toys to sweaters. $8.00

Felt Slimline Hangers – Make the most of your hanging space with thin, uniform hangers. $90.00/120 pcs

Buckets are a fun and neat way to store flip flops.

10- Section Handbag Organizer – Store on a shelf or floor of your closet. $30.00

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