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De-clutter and Breathe

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De-clutter and Breathe

3 Comments 10 October 2010

Clean, organized, perfect.

Re-Organize.  Re-Style.  Re-invent  your space.

De-clutter  and give your home a fresh clean start.

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How to Organize Your Space and Free Your Mind

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How to Organize Your Space and Free Your Mind

No Comments 15 August 2010

Imagine your life a peaceful journey where you can find what you need with ease and speed. You are always prepared and ready for whatever you need or whatever comes along. How does that make you feel? Calm? Stress free? Organized? Read on for some simple, basic ways to create and maintain an organized environment.

The first step is to think in “categories”. Keeping related items together by category assures that you will store things in the appropriate places which will ultimately make everything easy to find. For example, keep your clothing categorized by keeping shirts together in one section of your closet, skirts together in another, dresses, and so on. You can even categorize your clothing by color, skirt lengths and sleeve lengths to make getting dressed quick and easy.

In the kitchen, categorize related items together such as keeping cereals on one shelf, baking items on another, cans on another, and so on.

The next step is to keep things uniform. When everything is uniform, you can easily see what you have (or don’t have) and spend less time searching. The best way to keep your clothing visible and accessible is to hang everything on uniform hangers. It will give your closet an instant makeover that you will enjoy forever.

In the kitchen, instead of shoving open boxes and bags of food into your cabinets, store everything in uniform, clear, air-tight containers. Not only will everything look neat and organized, but it will be easier to see everything and your food will stay fresher, longer.

Start organizing with these basic steps and you’ll be surprised how the rest of your organizing life falls neatly into place.

Happy Organizing!

Marie Torgueman



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