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Wishing You A Purim Table Setting with Power and Panache!

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Wishing You A Purim Table Setting with Power and Panache!

5 Comments 11 December 2011


To all of my Jewish Hostesses- Can you believe its almost Purim ?

I love the holiday of Purim because it really reminds me that  as women that we can all be mini Queen Esthers in our very own unique way.

 Just think about it- Queen Esther was literally able to influence HISTORY and go against the grain by using  her own unique intelligence, wit, and sophistication.  

For me, the best part of being a “Jewish Hostess” is that we all own certain “powers”, just like Queen Esther had. We all own the power to rise up to the occasion and help fill community needs.  We own the power to inspire greatness in our spouses and our children. 

We own the power to set the tone for a  happy family and holiday  atmosphere in our homes.

Its time to start using, and re-using our hidden “inner strengths”.

For some of us this  might seem overwhelming. Lets begin with our very own Purim Seudah!

1-Start planning your Purim menu, (I  will start listing recipes soon…) Your family’s tastebuds never forget your delicious Purim delicacies!

2- Begin thinking about your joyful holiday table. Mental snapshots of your memorable holiday tables will be stored somewhere in your kids’ brains  and will be dug up again when its their turn to create special holiday moments for their children.  

Don’t be so serious with your table style and I am the first one to talk! I have to make an extreme effort to be a fun person, just ask my kids! 

Just remember- Use YOUR OWN STYLE and let your imagination run free with your color schemes and themes. Purim is special because its a mitzvah to be JOYFUL and lighthearted, no matter what serious matters that we all might be going through.

Maybe you will be inspired by this little collage of tropical inspiration that I whipped up- just start with a  base color that you are in the mood for- and layer it on! I can’t wait to see the table ideas that you come up with!   Marlene

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