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Victoria Arnold’s Beautiful and Meaningful Hanukkah Table Setting

1 Comment 20 December 2011

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Thank you Victoria for your beautiful pictures! Although I love your Hanukka table centerpiece, runner and napkins, my favorite part of your post is your daughter’s inscription on your dads’s quilt. That’s really the whole purpose of our traditions and beautiful tables.Continuing our heritage! Beautiful. Thanks again for sharing! Marlene M.
“Hi Marlene!
The cool thing about my table is the only money I spent was on the Hanukkah gelt!The runner is some fabric that my son purchased many years ago when he decorated our Hanukkah table.A cool side note is that our oldest daughter had made a quilt for her dad out of the reverse of this fabric-white background with a star of David in the blue fabric.  On the back of it she had written out the Aaronic blessing (Numbers 6:22-26) which her Dad had prayed on her every week on Shabbat before she got married.

The menorah was a gift our son had given his Dad for his 50th birthday.
It is called the tree of life.  Our son wanted his Dad to know how much he appreciates his Jewish heritage.

I also had loved the idea that I had seen on your website where someone had made a menorah out of individual candles placed in little cups of sugar.  I did one at every one’s place setting. I used shot glasses filled with sugar and had a bunch of extra tall birthday candles (left over from my father’s 90th  birthday).  I just picked out the blue ones.

I didn’t have enough gold chargers for everyone, so I just placed one under the plate at each end of the table.

Our napkins were navy blue ones that we also use for Passover.  I had some pretty blue velvet ribbon with gold trim.  I just cut a piece, wrapped it around the napkin and placed a piece of Hanukkah gelt on top of it.

The other candlesticks on the table are just a varied collection.  Some were wedding presents for my parents when they got married in 1941.

I placed the menorah on a mirrored tile (I like as much candle light as possible, as well as the reflected light). I left the blinds open so the candlelight would also reflect off the window.

I sprinkled Hanukkah gelt down the runner.

I added keeled place card holders at each place for sparkle.

The pictures on the wall in the background are a collection of family wedding pictures.

I will send pictures of the fabric and the quilt when I get home from work.

The dreidel was given to our family a long time ago by my husband’s father. Victoria Arnold.”




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  1. Robin Antar says:


    I like this, a meaningful message rather than a bunch of sweets that are not good for you.

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